Use wool in bedding

When used in bedding, wool creates a microclimate which assists in regulating the temperature and the humidity of the air around the body, thus providing a restful night's sleep.

Thermal comfort
Wool provides a high level of thermal comfort because it is an effective insulator. air provides over six times the insulation of nay textile fiber. The natural crimp of the fibers causes air to be trapped between the fibers, enabling wool to provide warmth in cool conditions. This insulating property of wool ensures that temperature changes in bedding ae much smaller and slower than any changes in the ambient temperature.

Moisture management
If the humidity of the surrounding air rises absorb and store the moisture, thus maintaining low humidity at the skin surface. The absorbed moisture in the fibers can also be diffused into the atmosphere. as a consequence, wool bedding never feels damp or clammy.

The science of better sleep
  • Breathe more naturally than synthetic products, so that dampness does not build up in bedding.
  • Increase the duration of the most beneficial phase of sleep.
  • Facilitate a comfortable body temperature, i,e, the body reaches a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly and maintains this temperature for longer.
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